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Welcome to Centre Pointe Creative Dance academy - Leading dance school for children in GloucesteR

Classes for children from the age of 6 months up to 18 years of age in Gloucester including Hucclecote, Longlevens, Abbeydale, & Tuffley. 

At Centre Pointe, we provide a wide range of dance classes and experiences which will help your child to see that there is more than one way to dance and that no one way is necessarily better than the other. Our amazing dance teachers
will enable children to see that dance is something that anyone can do and with our passion for dance and complete enjoyment of teaching, we will help your son or daughter to understand how technique and skill is an integral part of the artistry of dance.

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With options tailor made for each age group, our dance school in Gloucester caters to every ability level, from beginners to more advanced dancers. Through movement and music, children will develop vital skills including balance, work ethic and teamwork. Browse through our dance class options to discover which is best for your child.

Our Classes

2 – 5 years of age
6 – 10 years of age
11 – 18 years of Age
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Fabulous school and good fun and discipline for your child(ren)! Claire and the others teachers and coaches are exceptional!

Sara Hendry

Fantastic dance school. Brilliant staff who go out of their way to help & develop the children

Rebecca Baker

My children look forward to their weekly dance classes at Centre Pointe and they love their teachers to bits.

Maria Claire Jones

3-5 Years
Our dance classes for younger children are integrated with the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. Taught by dance teachers who love what they do, our classes will introduce children to ballet, tap, acro modern and Drama. Dance classes follow themes, and use the art of story, as well as props.

At Centre Pointe we give every dancer the opportunity to enter for accredited dance examinations from the age of 6 years.

6-10 Years
Designed for children of all ability levels, these dance classes delve deeper into a variety of styles, including ballet, tap, modern and drama. Kids will develop confidence, work ethic, and social skills, while growing in flexibility and developing co-ordination. Our supportive and positive environment is here to help children thrive and excel.

For those children who are wishing to enter accredited examinations in all genres and all levels these classes are also available at Centre Pointe Creative Dance Academy.

11-18 Years
With a narrower focus on ballet, tap and modern, kids and young people will receive professional training from experienced teachers who know how to bring out the best in every individual.

For those students who are wishing to enter accredited examinations in all genres and all levels these classes are also available at Centre Pointe Creative Dance Academy.

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Dance is an art form.

It can be studied and learned and at a certain level requires technique and skill. Yet, to dance is also instinctively human. At our dance school, children can express their feelings, tell stories and demonstrate strength and power. Dance connects people and creates ritual and celebration. Like art and music, it communicates individual and collective experience in a way that words sometimes can’t. It is intrinsically linked to our early physical development, as young children experiment with movement responses to the stimulus of the world around them.


Dance can be entertainment

Young children love to ‘put on a show’ for us yet we must never underestimate the power of the small dances that happen when no one is looking! We have all done them in our moments of frustration, joy or excitement, and children do it all the time.

For some children, being seen, even from a distance, may be enough recognition, and for others they will want more space, music and props and maybe an audience.