Drama and Singing Classes

Children's Drama & Singing Classes in Gloucester

Our team of professional teachers offer a range of singing and drama classes for children aged between 3 and 11 years old. Both activities are combined with dance to form musical theatre classes.

An excellent way for kids to develop social skills, teamwork, and an overall sense of confidence that will set them up to excel in other areas of life. 

In each lesson, children are taught using professional techniques in a fun and supportive environment. Through creative use of the voice, and physical movement, pupils will be supported to reach their full potential in a way that boosts their self-esteem and teaches them a valuable new skill.

Children's Drama Classes

Drama lessons at our Gloucester studio are tailored to each age group, so that the unique abilities of each child are encouraged to grow. At each drama class, kids will play and learn in an informal setting. We use games, improvisation and role play to get kids used to expressing a range of emotions in different scenarios. 

Drama classes are a great way for kids to learn a whole variety of skills and abilities, including empathy and emotional resilience. Working together with the teachers and other children, they will be challenged in a healthy, positive and age-appropriate way. The drama teachers that run our lessons are experienced in both acting, and working with children from all backgrounds, and love seeing kids grow and develop.

Children's Singing Lessons

Our singing classes are planned and structured to be suitable for each stage of development. We use a mixture of structure and informal fun, giving kids the chance to explore their voices and a whole range of sounds. Kids will learn songs and lyrics, as they practice new ways to express themselves.

Toddlers and kids can gain so many benefits from singing lessons – it helps develop their speech by strengthening their mouth and vocal muscles. Plus, learning new songs will develop their vocabulary, memory, and overall sense of wellbeing.

Trial Classes

We offer a three week trial for £18.00.

Classes take place on Saturday Mornings and/or Wednesday Evenings.